How It Works


A4H works in three different ways:

Artist donate

Art raises funds

Proceeds support

artists and fund

A4H’s mission




A4H aims to raise funds and spread awareness on social and healthcare issues by organizing outreach events utilizing donated artworks and services. The organization hopes to elevate and bring a greater appreciation to the local art community through hosting charitable functions. In conjunction with bringing in artists, A4H will join forces with an interdisciplinary team of healthcare workers to implement care, educate and spread awareness on healthcare/social issues affecting children and adults locally and internationally.

     Why We Exist


We exist to serve as a liaison to bridge the gap between art and the healthcare community.


A4H Group Inc. (Arts4healing) is a vehicle to raise funds for social and healthcare causes.


A non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

A4H facilitates with

healthcare and

art services

A4H hosts

artistic and medical


Outreach serves

as therapy to

the local community



A4H recruits

medical and

artist volunteers


contribute their time

and expertise

Serves the community &

assist in worldwide

Medical + Art missions

with A4H and affiliated

medical/surgical groups